Plot 50, Valley Drive Ntinda, Ministers village, Kampala Uganda.


MOBILE:       +256782081999

TWITTER:    @echwalu

INSTAGRAM: @edward_echwalu

28 thoughts on “CONTACTS

  1. Echwalu, your photography is a silent cry and a balm at the same time. I totally love your work — am so inspired by your creativity. Stay blessed. Keep in touch.

  2. HI, just seen your photos for the first time and lm knocked out by them, l can’t describe how l feel………some of those people are so brave and some so inhuman and yet i at the moment you take the picture l can see some strengths in those that are surviving injustices. Well done, excellent work. Will drop by your blog again. 🙂

  3. Hello. Your photos are amazing. They are truly inspiring. Keep up the great job. By the way, what wordpress theme are you using? I love how the pictures are really big. I’d like to try the same theme for my travel blog as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much for sharing your photography and stories.

    • Thank you so much for appreciating my work. Pushes me forward. The theme is “Nishita”..However, you will need to make a couple of adjustments to come up with the huge interface i have. Please, get back incase you need help to making the adjustments..

  4. I admire your minds which tells u to point your camera on all those objects; and never wasted your calories to take a shot !! Keep on.
    Any photos from Bunyoro as a region?? take me there. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Aheebwa!

      Is Ntoroko in Bunyoro? I am looking for the slightest of free time to make a trip down there! Soon, something from that region is gonna make it here! Am looking forward!

  5. Hey Edward, Nathan here Malcolm Webbs camera op for Aljazeera. Are you available for an assignment on the 09th and 10th in kampala and jinja for the World bank VP Uganda visit. Im currently in Senegal so cant call at the moment. Need your urgent reply via email. Thx

  6. These pictures are amazing. When I first saw them, they just blew my mind. Theres something about the angle and the lighting and everything about the picture that makes me want to cry, some of these pictures are the most amazing, and beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

    • Am stunned to near emotions by your candid confession. That makes me feel really good. Thank you for inspiring me in a way to do a lot more. I have raised the stakes a lot further and now have to maintain those expectations and i promise to do everything i can to maintain it. I look forward to interacting with you on varies issues i will have documented and published here. Thank you. Thank yo. Thank you.

  7. Echwalu there is a very racist comment in the thread above (Martin Luther coon), please remove it and spare us the ignorance of hateful people. Your work is amazing and don’t be distracted by small minds.

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