PHOTO OF THE DAY: Heart Broken Ugandan

HEART BROKEN: A fan remains seated at Namboole Stadium long after the final whistle which condemned Uganda Cranes to another 35 year wait had gone. Vuvuzela’s went silent, Voices compressed to whispers, and lots of people trekked long journeys back home with their necks at an angle low with shrugging shoulders. This was not how it was meant to end.

HEART BROKEN: A fan remains seated at Namboole Stadium long after the final whistle which condemned Uganda Cranes to another 35 year wait had gone. Vuvuzela’s went silent, Voices compressed to whispers, and lots of people trekked long journeys back home with their necks at an angle low with shrugging shoulders. Uganda needed a win against Kenya to qualify for the African Nations Cup 2012 but could only draw. This was not how it was meant to end.

59 thoughts on “PHOTO OF THE DAY: Heart Broken Ugandan

  1. I totally feel his pain having been there myself for this failed campaign and all the previous ones stretching back to 2000. Football can be cruel!!

    • U know 33 years in a very long time especially if you have been a passionate supporter of football…He gave his all and unfortunately, it was not his day..But we keep hoping that one day, He will drink, dance and shout in happiness when we finally qualify

  2. Edward, this photo reminds me of the photo of that young child (West Ham fan), who was pictured crying after West Ham had been relegated in 2003. You can definitely feel the pain in this guy’s heart. I wish Mulindwa could see this. He would know that soccer is not about just him, but the country, and guys like these. Great job mate!

    • And you see you, he’s going back to his comfort zone. Not accountable to Ugandans who placed him in charge. We thought he would take us places but all he can talk of her near misses. We have had enough of the “near-misses”..we want to be there!

  3. I see twp heartbroken people,this lonely Crane fan and one heartbroken photojournalist. But patience pays while other photojournalist ran out you stayed to aptly capture the Crane’s loss.

    • Joe, thanks so much. Every photojournalist was devastated. This match was very personal. You could understand than many of them couldn’t stay much longer. They had had enough and just had to run and file whatever they had. Yeah, i had to exercise a little bit of patience. My Sports Editor called me three times and i had a bashing from REUTERS Nairobi too for delaying to submit pictures but am glad it paid off in the end.

  4. I really feel the guys pain. It’s all there to see, only if Mulindwa knew what the national team means to people like this guy. But problem is he doesn’t get, enough of his promises. It’s team for someone else to take up the challenge and move our football to a whole new level.

    • We need someone to run for FUFA presidency. Someone with a serious love for the game. Its just so frustrating to always start afresh..There was never a better chance we eveer had than this to qualify and look at what the likes of Mulindwa give us? Raw deal!

  5. Feel the Moment’s Loss. It was very devastating. That was Uganda’s one flicker of hope and happiness but it was trashed. Feel the pain inside. Wont go away too soon. Am sure Edward you cried after the game. Not with the excitement you had

    • I was confused. I looked around in confusion just wanted to stay behind the stadium for the whole night. It was very sad. Very very sad

    • I was just trying to illustrate the pain i personally felt too..I think i was in a worse state than this guy..Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to see you more often!

  6. I knw hw that dude feels. The failure is still fresh in my mind and soul. But opefully one day one time we will be celebrating. God has a plan for everyone even the UGANDA CRANES. So lets not slug back lets keep together behind the boys and with God on our side who can be against us? WE GO WE GO UGANDA CRANES WE GO!!!!

  7. wonders what’s on the man’s mind? Could he be considering ‘Which is next step? After politicians and Mulindwa messed up the whole thing?’
    Great pic, Edward!

    • Politicians definitely were partly to blame. They love to use such occasions to fulfill their selfish personal ambitions. Why have they all of a sudden kept quiet..They should respond by pledging billions of shillings to ensure we have the proper structures to make it through our next qualifiers..It was sad..very sad..

  8. This brings it all back-the bitterness of that 8th October 2011. It has become one of the black days of our history, eh! So close and yet so far. That right there in your photo is the true fan-the one that stays when everyone else has gone and travels to the grass overgrown training pitches in their free hours to cheer the young kids as they coming up in school and crazy about sports and football especially. Great shot, man! It captures the mood succiently.

    • Iwaya, i wish i had better words to thank you for being my most regular commentor here. It was such a hard moment to take. This guys’ reaction was a representation of what millions of Ugandans felt that night…I was devasteted myself..Confused sometimes.

    • …thank you. I just wished someone was there to photograph me..I think there was a moment i was lost..i didnt know what i was thinking…Just another sad chapter in the history of Ugandan soccer!

  9. Edward, I have heard that the players were devastated, not just by the loss, but also that no one from FUFA went into the dressing room to comfort them after the loss apart from Bobby. I think someone needs to email the players this photo for them to know to know that they at least had people who were hurting with them. This photo tells the whole story!

    • Mulindwa and his “ALL TALKING YES MEN” didnt appear in the dressing room? WTF. Actually these guys should have all apologised just to nurse our wounds. We have been there for them all this time around and thats how they treat us? I can imagine how the players felt…Not encouraging at all..These FUFA guys just messed us up!

    • I was looking forward to your comment. You have been a regular here and its always nice to see you around. Thank you …thank…thank you!

  10. Im speechless……………….thanks so much for this photo en how i wish every ugandan who was in Namboole would get a chance to see this!!!!!!!!

    • I believe there are many who felt even worse! Another failed campaign, hearts broken and the Uganda Football story just keeps getting worse! lets hope for the best!

  11. However beautiful the picture looks, but it seems stage managed. You know why? Ugandans don’t have the manners to leave the place spotless clean. The picture is a nice shot, but the story is not true.

    • Hello Ambrose, The picture is not stage-managed. The place is clean because fans were not allowed into the stadium with drinks.No bottles, No beer, No hawkers!!

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