Little New Faces of Northern Uganda

For two decades, the children of northern Uganda lived in fear of abduction and death by Joseph Konys’ LRA. Indeed, many were brutally killed and hundreds others abducted. It’s estimated that over 30.000 children were abducted by LRA.

But with the return of relative peace over the last 4 years, there’s a ray of hope beaming in the faces of children from northern Uganda. They can now sleep, go to school, watch a movie, play, laugh and hope for a better future.



25 thoughts on “Little New Faces of Northern Uganda

  1. Susanne, wow thanks for that “thumbs up”. And i need the likes of you to get me going! Thank you for passing by my blog again!. Indeed,there is a new crop of children of Northern Uganda. Good sign of hope for them.

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  3. Echcwalu, I adore your photos. Please keep these eyes fixed on many issues which the whole world should see . Thanx for sharing these. Be assured of my prayers for you!

    • He’s still operating but not in uganda anymore. He’s been operating in Southern Sudan and more especially Central African Republic for the last 6-7 years. Northern Uganda has since then been peaceful

      • Sadly you are absolutely right..but if enough indivduals know then they will demand action.. and he doesn’t care about wars …he is on no-one’s side except his own.

      • I hope you are following what is happening in Syria. From the Amazon in Brazil to Toronto in Canada and Cape town-South Africa and even Moyo district in Uganda, everyone knows whats happening in that country…

        But who is getting in there? No one. Its absurd how this world is run sometimes.

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