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Before It’s “GOLD”…..there’s “MUD”

Homosexuality in Uganda

Photo Of the Day: Umbrella Boy

A consignment of Cocaine, Heroin and Methamphetamine drugs worth $5.4million intercepted at Entebbe International Airport by the Anti-Narcotic Unit is burnt by the Uganda police in the capital, Kampala on August 9, 2011. The Police say, Uganda is now a favored transit point for narcotic drugs from Asian countries to Europe and United States by drug traffickers because the West African route is clogged while the Uganda posses relaxed laws on drug trafficking.

Photo of Day: Drug Trafficking

I was threatened by eight soldiers among whom was one who had pulled the trigger not shoot this pictures in the recent Besigye riots Kampala city. Lucky for me, I had shot about 6 frames within 10 seconds. The soldiers threatened to crash my camera if I didn’t move. I eventually moved because they acted confused and trigger happy too.

Risking it all to tell the story

Kizza Besigye walks to walk shortly before being arrested by security men on April 18, 2011

Walk to Work III