Children Opt for Sanding Mining Over School

Child labour remain a pivotal issue in Uganda. Local media recently reported of school children dropping out of school to do sand mining in Kayunga, 74km (46miles) northeast of the capital, Kampala.

The children, most of whom are orphans opt to do profitable sand mining to studying which does not guarantee them the next meal, the next hope.

On the banks of river Nile in Busaana Sub-County, children usually descend in the middle of the waters, scoop the sand which they transport on the boats to the river banks from where it’s sold at between Shs150,000 (USD 57) and Shs180,000 (USD 69) depending on the size of the lorry truck Local media reports

According to a UNESCO report (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) released this year, Uganda has the highest number of school dropouts in the East African region. Out of 100 pupils who join primary one in Uganda, only 25% reach primary seven while in Kenya, 84%, Tanzania 81% and Rwanda stands at 74%, of those who complete primary.

I went to Busaana to see for myself and managed to capture a few images.











31 thoughts on “Children Opt for Sanding Mining Over School

  1. Wow…I really love your blog. I feel like I’m getting interesting news, and your pictures are always great.
    In this post, my favorite picture is probably the last one. It shows how this child is probably malnourished but also muscular from all the hard work.

  2. Hi! I just joined WordPress and just found out about your blog. I really want to thank you for sharing your photographs. You are giving so much voice to those photographs, it’s wonderful! I’ll for sure be an avid follower of your blog!

  3. Agree completely with previous comments, esp. one above. I am brand new to the blogging world and am addicted to your pictures. What kind of camera do you use might I ask? I wish I were able to act upon my intrigue in photography and taking photographs but I can’t get my hands on any equipment. Either way, amazing..

  4. My apologies for getting back to you this late. But i use two camera bodies. One is Canon 5D Mark II and then Canon 7D. They are pretty decent cameras. But all can’t bring out the sharpest images without having extremely fast lenses too. Thank you for appreciating and visiting my blog..

  5. okay Edward this is gonna sound like alot but i think this is the most amazing set of images that i have seen so close to home and that i can actually relate to. the subject, the perspective,composition the color and use of light it is all amazing. you my friend are out of this world.

  6. wow, your photos touched my heard deeply. Great.
    This isn’t the camera, this is the one behind and the ones before.
    Respect, you’re a great photographer.
    Greetings from Germany, Lea

  7. I feel so sorry for these poor children. One day i will help children of these countries thrive of joy, as children should be, not doing this.

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