Rock Climbing Challenge

I spent my weekend in a village in Buyende district, located east of Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

I was on assignment to shoot the launch of Kagulu Hill tourism site. Basically, it’s a village full of rocks. Rocks where traditional healers get their powers to perform healing rituals to their clients.

According to Busoga Expo, Kagulu Hill is a mystical wonder, which marks the first settlement area for Basoga of Bunyoro origin led by Prince Mukama. Although the cultural value of Kagulu extends to cover a wide area, the remaining and visible landmark is the Kagulu hill. The hill sits in between two roads that divide at the foothill to lead to Gwaya and Iyingo.

It is also among a handful of hills in Uganda that have been adapted for tourist climbing, with constructed steps all the way to the top. At the top is a spectacular 360 view with an expanse of green vegetation and Lake Kyoga.

I made it to the top in record time for any photographer. Take note. I made countless long stops to catch a breath and shoot those ascending and descending the hill.



Local climbers take the final walk to the summit. The hard part, which is steep and slippery, has been overcome.


Local climbers take the final walk to the summit. The hard part, which is steep and slippery, has been overcome.


A friend who had climbed the hill before gave me this message before I started the climb. “Until I see a picture of you at the very top, next to the little building, I will conclude it as mission unaccomplished.” Well, I’ve nothing more to say.


There are those who could not let the sweat to the summit roll down for free as they resorted to using chalk and stones to put remembrance notes


A view from the top of Kigulu hill of people heading back to their homesteads. Beyond the hill, which I assume many of them have gotten enough of, President Yoweri Museveni who was the chief guest must have been the reason for these numbers. It takes a lifetime for some of these villagers to lay their eyes on the country’s number one citizen.


Descending the Kagulu Hill and appreciating the effort put in thus far. A local stares back at the hill top on his way down


And after safely reaching the foot of the Kagulu Hill, it was my turn to look back at the hill with one last departing shot. A lot of calories burnt but it was worth the adventure.

40 thoughts on “Rock Climbing Challenge

    • Joe,

      They say, never under estate the power of the last kick..I was tired like a problem but need to compose one last shot that summarized my effort. And i got the exact shot i’ve wanted…

      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I can imagine you had a hard time, running upwards (?), having to do the pictures on the way. Interesting report from this new tourist spot. For some reason I like the last most of all (and I didn’t even have to climb)! 😉

    • Bente,

      Interesting observation. You didnt have to climb at all. Lucky, lucky you!

      Thank you for dropping by. It had been a while, no see! Always refreshing to have you here


  2. I enjoyed the climb ( extremely burnt out) but was so worth it after reaching the top, the scenery is breath taking . Your shots represent the experience well.

    • Miriam, its good to have a comment from someone who actually made it to the top! I bet you are not afraid of heights coz, many decided to try.

      And you witnessed quite a number falling down the slopes. Lucky, no one died..

      • I am not afraid of heights. The climb was surely tough! as for the accidents at the end, it was horrible but glad no big injuries.

    • Good observation.

      And for a photographer, it was important that i did my research prior to making the trip! Without good grip, you could not climb without some really dangerous hitches.

      A lot of climbers trying to make it the summit with slippers rolled down to near death! I could not share the pics before, they were kind of graphic!

      I made so easily to the top with mountain climbing boots.

  3. I like. and thanks for this lesson, ” never under estate the power of the last kick.” That last shot will help me not to forget it

    • Samson,

      The best shot comes when you least expect! So its about laboring on and to never stop thinking of your ‘unphotographed’ possibilities!

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