Photo Of the Day: Two Faces

TWO FACES: A displaced Sudanese boy closely stares at the butt of a gun held by a Ugandan soldier in MOYO district approximately 455Km (283 miles) northwest of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Heavy security had to be deployed in the contested border area of Lafori to bring calm after Sudanese held and released nine Uganda members of Parliament. Ugandans in the area replied by blocking the Moyo-SouthSudan Highway on top burning houses belonging to South Sudanese in Moyo town.

15 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day: Two Faces

    • Thanks Lynne. It was terrifying for the displaced. Homophobic attacks are never good and some bit of that happened or is still silently happening

    the most important of this job… (show the injustices of the world) it’s you, and it is that you can show.

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