Photo Of the Day: As the Climate Patterns Change………

CLIMATE CHANGE: A skeleton-like tree is seen in Moroto district, located some 420km (261 miles) north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Moroto like most parts of Uganda is experiencing an unusually prolonged dry spells. The country’s climate is getting worse daily due to incessant degradation of the environment. Only last week, local media reported that environmentalists asked government to fast track formulation of a climate change policy to guide in implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures. It further stated that, existing policies don’t reflect human activities in causing climate change and some of the adaptation practices applied are not suitable for ecological areas where they are being used.

11 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day: As the Climate Patterns Change………

    • Definitely a worrying trend. I look around and all swamp as are going..Most have gone. Something needs to be done..Am trying to work out something related to that…

  1. Eddie this is a perfect piece. Dear God, may this not be a premonition to what our animals and people could become as food becomes scarce.

  2. My mother’s cattle farm in Fort Portal looks like an overburdened soccerfield and the immediate river stream is dry almost to the bed level. These are serious issues that NO one should take lightly. We’re all victims and the likely frictions will be very hard to contain-at local and national levels.

    • Samson, very sad to hear about your mothers situation. U know, the issue of CLIMATE CHANGE is a very serious matter yet government does not seem to care much!

  3. Edward, great! in response to Samson’s mother and her farm – we need to SHOUT wherever we can In whichever way we can. You do it in a very useful way, Edward. 🙂

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