Sustainable Agroforestry in Uganda and Tanzania

I spent a great deal of time in rural Tanzania and Uganda last month (April), documenting the works of We Effect, a Swedish NGO that seeks to empower the average rural farmer.06

Formerly known as Swedish Cooperation Centre, We Effect has been promoting rural development focusing on sustainable agriculture, food security and local business development since 1958.

And by setting up micro companies, We Effect believes farmers can invest in their own farming operations.

07Crucial in the organisation’s focus areas is the effect of Climate change, which is already too visible in Eastern Africa. A case in point is Somalia that has been baring the brunt of drought and famine, which has killed just under 300.000 people.

In Uganda and Tanzania, We Effect has set up farmer programs that aim at contributing towards an environmentally sustainable development as well as to decreased vulnerability to climate change.01

My role was to document the challenges and success stories of some of these farmers. These images will take you through Musoma, Rorya (Tanzania) to Mubende and Mityana in Uganda.08





COPYRIGHT of all the images used in this blog post belongs to- We Effect.

12 thoughts on “Sustainable Agroforestry in Uganda and Tanzania

  1. Such a very important issue. Any sustainable developement in farming and agroforestry, and rural development, is very good news. It seems from your pictures the farmers are happy with whats happening. I guess they have some old knowledge too. So nice expressions. Love all the pictures, the first most.

  2. Thank you for sharing africa’s sun. Buy saying “africa’s sun” i mean all these people who are smiling, children who plant trees, the beautiful environment (very green!), etc. I like it and thank for your job!

  3. Good work know the passion i have for sustainable agricultural practices especially in the rural setting. Im encouraged when i see the talk being walked.:)

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