If the world thinks being kind is crazy, then Africa is the craziest continent

By now, some of you might have come across the video already or watched it in the comfort of your living room.

Last week, Coca Cola launched her first advertisement of 2013 for Africa, a Pan African campaign dubbed “Africa, Let’s Go Crazy”  1

The advertisement gears towards inspiring and celebrating individuals who spread happiness on the continent by performing random acts of kindness in the daily lives of people.

“The idea of being kind and that kindness giving you happiness is something that transcends the boarders; so here in Africa because we believe that we are innately kind we are saying through this campaign that if the world thinks being kind is crazy, then Africa is the craziest continent,” said Rosalind Gichuru, The Coca-Cola Central East and West Africa Strategic Manager during the launch.

The campaign was derived from research done by BMC Innovation Company that revealed that, making other people happy is the key to own happiness and for the world to be a happier place, people need to be kinder.

My involvement comes from a blog post I did; Extreme Poverty but Irreplaceable Smile. With a group of friends, we set out for Kisenyi Slum in the capital, Kampala to take, print and return photos for free. It’s a practice I had always done sub-consciously.3

I offer this service selectively though. I do this for people who can barely afford a meal. For people who have never owned a picture in their lives and for people who are extremely poor, yet so happy and they don’t even know.

As Edward, I am incapable of feeding hundreds and thousands of Africa’s poor.

No, I am unable to.

But if I believe I can reach out to hundreds and thousands of these poor through my photographs and make a difference in their lives.AF3E8094

Through my photographs, am always looking towards encouraging them, spreading positive energy around them and encouraging them to discover and appreciate who they really are in those photos.

The Coca-Cola TV commercial also features Douglas Rori from Kenya, Corporal Sebul Audu from Nigeria, Edward Echwalu from Uganda and Belachew Birma (World Laughter Champion) from Ethiopia.



48 thoughts on “If the world thinks being kind is crazy, then Africa is the craziest continent

  1. Another terrific post Edward… congratulations. While one could focus on the negative health & enviromental legacy that Coca- cola has caused – this commercial (for me) transcends its commercial agenda… and remains an inspiration simply because of it very positive humanistic message…

    • Majority of those who have viewed it thought so too. And that is an honest take on Africa. The poverty is reflected but in a rather positive and human manner!

    • Karen,

      I believe Africans understand their condition better than anyone else and should be able to do the little things that i believe will relief many of their neighbours and friends from the biting challenges.

    • Duke, and the joy and encouragement your words give me is enormous! Am with little words to appreciate your time on my blog Duke and living such kind words behind.

      You see, just a comment is enough kindness! We show kindness everyday. We just dont realise it sometimes..U know that..right?

    • Thank you Clay.

      I believe Africans are headed the right directions. More and more of us are now looking towards being part of the solution for the African problems. I believe we understand this continent better than anyone else and if the trend keeps on rising, soon, Africa will be back on track. Its already a beautiful beautiful and gracious continent!

  2. Oh although I am NOT a fan of coca cola.. I love what the video celebrates (it’s a seductive form of advertising that they are fond of using lately) and was lovely to see you featured in it Edward.. well done.. Inspiring stuff and I AM a fan of random acts of kindness 😀

      • Yeeeey! for over a year, i know you as one of my most consistent visitors! The day an in England, i will personally look for you and take you out for a drink! Thank you for encouraging me Helen!

    • Helen,

      I am personally a casual consumer of soft drinks but the campaign is really a good one. And honestly, thats Africa. Its a very warm continent. The people are lovely. And thats why am so happy with it.

      Thanks you got the thumbs up! I really appreciate you endless visits o my blog too. You have been one of the most consistent visitors to this blog and am proud of you…And appreciate every visit!

  3. I am not usualla a coke-drinker, but maybe I should start now to get some of all that happiness. ;)The video is really showing something we are lacking, and congratulations with participating, Edward. Your photography is amazing and it is good to know you har bringing happiness both here and there.

    • Bente, neither am i. Am a casual drinker of Coke. Though its very popular in Uganda and generally in Africa. Even the most rural area in this continent has a COCA COLA somewhere.

      I participated in this because, i believe in the message they were sending out. i believe this will push many more Africans to be part of the Solutions to African Problems.

      Well, how about you take one coke every 6 months just for me? huh? Am joking Bente

      Cheers for visiting me here again!

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  5. Visiting after a while to check on your pictures of Kampala by night from our Twitter conversation a few weeks ago. Sad.

    Still, well done on the Coke pictures. They’re wonderful. (I say begrudgingly because I believe Coke are corporate fiends and liars …)

    And thank you for the photography tips from past posts.

  6. You’re photos are beautiful and I absolutely believe in the story you are trying to tell through them. Africa is an amazing, kind and crazy continent – I’m just sad that the message has to be advocated by a multi national corporation for people to sit up and realise the potential of Africa.

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