Smiling Orphanage

There’s something about shooting pictures in orphanages. Before packing my gear, there’s always that natural bias that clouds my foresight about these places.

Today wasn’t any different. I was imaging finding little kids who were poorly dressed with running noses, sad, hungry, dirty, name it.

So, I joined friends who were visiting “Gods Grace Orphanage” in Kyebando, a Kampala suburb. I was itching to do some random shoot having not had one in a while.

I was wrong again. We were welcomed with hugs, warm greetings and intelligence so rare from the stereotypes usually attached to orphans. These were aged between three to 12 .

My friends were part of a facebook group called “40 Days, 40 Smiles” comprising of majorly youth in the middle class. The idea behind it was born out of the catholic lent period where God loving Christians were encouraged to donate clothes, shoes, toys and other necessities the orphans.

The group has since grown in both numbers and deeds supporting the needy children through taking care of their education, feeding, health needs, mentorship and spiritual enrichment.

This particular visit was mainly meant to interact with the kids, have breakfast, play games, inspire them and just have fun.

It was brief and fun. A good cause too.

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