Photo Of the Day: Law and Order

PROTECT AND SERVE: A Ugandan police officer on duty in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. The US State Department this year released a damming report in which the Police, among other security organs in Uganda were accused f massive human rights violations.  The report explicitly expresses the US’ concern about increasing cases of human rights violations and limited freedoms in Uganda.

13 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day: Law and Order

    • Exactly..I believe the below-per behavior most of the time exhibited by our police can directly be linked to the conditions under which these people operate.

  1. Great photo the bokeh is very effective Edward.. may I just say that I think the USA have their own poor record on human rights and have little right to judge anyone else’s . That’s not to say they are not right about Uganda but they need to stop being self-appointed world police, put their own house in order and stop being war-mongers.. rant over 🙂

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