Two Thoughts on Antenatal Care

Pregnant mothers wait for antenatal care doctor’s appointment at Kagadi Hospital in Kibaale district.Pregnant women  receiving prenatal care are the percentage of women attended at least once during pregnancy by skilled health personnel for reasons related to pregnancy.Only 47% of pregnant in Uganda attend antenatal care (at least four times) according to UNICEF 

Question is, Why the low percentages yet UGANDA is one finest countries in the world for pregnant women to nest? If they are home-grown, finding foods they crave is a breeze. For non-natives, our supermarkets are well stocked with goods from the world over. We are graced with nutritious foods – vegetables, fruits, starches, meats, fish, name it – cheap and easy to find.

10 thoughts on “Two Thoughts on Antenatal Care

  1. Reblogged this on The Brown Letter and commented:
    I most gratefully found this piece in my reader this morning after reading about the 68,000 women who dies every year from complications while giving birth. Also, from illegal abortions. The sad part is, that 68,000 is as large as our very own Ugandan army. Now if all those men were to die every year, I reckon it would be a different story.
    Maternal and child health are crucial. Family planning is necessary, but for the ones who are with us now, we need to show a whole lot of love to.
    I just read a story about a 24 year old mother-to-be who died outside of the health clinic because the mid-wife didn’t want to wake up to attend to her.
    We have got to be accountable, mates. I hope this slowly but steadily stirs up in our hearts a desire to do something for the pregnant women of your communities. Africa is ours and it is up to us to tend to her and care for her.

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