Many Many Many Thanks!

The most humbling bit about being an artist of any kind is recognition. Actually, any form of recognition of ones’ ability is drive enough to keep that person going.

I still keep dreaming that one day, my photoblog will be among Africa’s finest.Well, some already think its one of the finest. Thank you. From my first view to 131,276 as per today, am greatful to everyone who has taken time to visit, leave a comment and recommend my blog to others.

More specifically, i would love to thank the following amazing bloggers who have individually norminated for :

Thank you “A radious of a square”- for nominating my blog for “The  Readers Appreciation Award”

Kibogoji  (Education, the Environment and Social Justice Discussions) – for nominating me for the  “Sunshine Blogger Award” (I love the colours in your pictures. A pleasure to scroll through).

Great Greths – for nominating me for  “Very Inspiring Blogger award”

Sandra Nguy – who passed onto me the “One Lovely Blog Award”

Here are the steps for receiving this award:

  1. Name the blogger who awarded you this fantastic award
  2. List 7 random facts about yourself
  3. Award 15 other bloggers this award
  4. Enjoy!

7  Random facts about myself:

  1. I am a stringer for one of the world’s leading multimedia news agencies, Reuters. The opportunities you get while being associated with Reuters is enormous and I am glad to be among the privileged few.
  2. I am Ugandan. I know this sounds awkward but you would be surprised as to how many people who follow me actually have no idea where Uganda is located. It’s located in East Africa. If you have heard of Idi Amin, then I guess you know where I am from now.He once was my president (Thank God I wasn’t born yet).
  3. “Date Night” stands out to be one of my best ever movies. Yes, the drama was intense, witty and full of surprises. I watched that movie close to 10 times.
  4.  I am a canon addict. Anything canon can easily bias me. Please try bet on me.You won’t lose that bet I promise. I believe in the brand too much.
  5. Edward is a very shy guy. He’s made some strides though. I used to live in denial but repeated assurance by dozens of people has woke me up
  6. “Airplane” technology to me is the most amazing there has been. It weighs tones and tones but can fly without support. To date, every time I see one fly, I can’t fail to snap it..It’s amazing just. I still don’t get it.
  7. I am not the most righteous people, but I strongly believe in the existence of God. I do pray a lot.

Here are 13 other bloggers I would love to nominate for the various awards. Hope you too will find them inspiring enough to deserve the nomination. 

The following are my NOMINEES:

 Very Inspiring Blogger Awards:

  1. Nana Koffi – As far as I can see, I have always loved good story-telling. I mainly focus on Africa and so far have shot (still photography and directing and producing video) for corporates, NGOs and magazines in Angola, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, and Ghana.
  2. Great Greths – I am just another dust sentiently moving on the vastness of the Earth, employing all my senses with Mother Nature – bestowing the power I owe to the Greater One… confirming my infinitely small human existence.
  3. Radius of a Square: Photographer, Musician, Artist, Editor and a Critic. Although I am not really good at these but I can’t get my mind off them! Thanks to my friends who showed me these outlets for my imagination
  4. Bente Haarstad Photography : I am both a journalist and a photographer. This site will be mainly about pictures.

Kreativ Blogger Awards:

       5. Uganda Insomniac – A 30-something journalist, writer and quack psychoanalyst (un)successfully pondering the complexities of   herself, her people, her country and her world.

       6.David Tumusiime (Mad and Crazy)

       7. APENYO She loves fashion, writes witty stuff and generally interesting pieces. Check her out

Versatile Blogger Awards go to:

        8. Rosebell Kagumire – I am a Ugandan multimedia journalist working on peace and conflict issues in the Eastern Africa region.

        9. Kibogoji – Mr. Shaaban Fundi has 13 years of professional and academic experience focusing on marine research techniques, environmental research and education.

     10.  Sandra Nguy – I take great delight in food and am easily lost in the beauty and serenity of nature. I love photography and the visual arts but wish I had more time to develop whatever little skills I might have.

11.  I Shutter At The Thought: I was a natural for the yearbook, the photo club, the school newspaper……

Sunshine Blogger Award goes to:

12. Maureen Agena : Africa|Uganda|Youth|ICT4D|mobile4dev|web2fordev|RuralRealities|Technology|Gender|Health|social Responsibility|Governance & Accountability :

13.  HELENSPHOTOMANIA BLOG : A 366 OF SORTS : If you look up the definition of photomania it means “an abnormal love of light” and I’m cool with that! I am going to try to post at least one photo every day so sort of a 365/366

Again, thanks everyone who has paid me a visit!

11 thoughts on “Many Many Many Thanks!

  1. Thank you Echwalu. I am still learning to take great photographs and the processing part. You inspire me everyday with your photos and I think (correct me if am wrong) you are the best photographer in Africa. Keep shooting my brother. I will definately look you up next time am in Uganda. I would love to have a hands-on-photographing tricks lesson from you. I would especially very much to go with you to Murchingson Falls and take great pictures of the falls or to go with you to lake Bunyonyi (the lake on top of the mountains) and take great pictures of the various bird species around there. I am in, what says you?

  2. Congratulations on your awards. You deserve it, you are very professional and you can shoot pictures that reach the most remote corners of the heart. Thanks for sharing your vision and your art with us.
    Cruz del Sur

  3. Congratulations on your awards, you deserve every single one of them, and even more! And thanks, thanks for nominating me. Thats so great, and even more since I admire your work so much. You do very good journalistic work with your posts, and your photos are beautiful and express so much. Congratulations one more time, and thanks.

  4. Thank you for mentioning me in your lists Edward.. I am very honoured.. I do not accept awards but am so happy that you appreciate my work… and I am entirely with you about Airplanes !.. but I’m a Nikon girl 🙂

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