My Miss Uganda 2012 Impressions

One of the most celebrated social events of the year in Uganda is Miss Uganda. Last Friday, Uganda unveiled Phiona Bizzu, 19, as her next face for the coming 12 months.

I knew little about the journey to the finals. For all I heard, the organizers went around the country holding regional events from where the 22 finalists were selected.

While that robbed me off the knowledge of these hopeful ladies, my task was to document the night in the most glamorous way possible. The Red carpet arrivals, cocktail, performances and the real fashion event.

Here is my visual impression of the event.


20 thoughts on “My Miss Uganda 2012 Impressions

  1. Edward, You are simply too much of a master! Great. That minimal tipping of the left foot… it just says it all.
    So much dignity. These young ladies must be happy they got YOU to document the night.

  2. I am not really into miss shows, but that doesn’t mean they should not be documented, since they happen. And your photos are great (as usual)! And they took me with surprise as great photos should. I especially like the first (wow!!), or rather the first 3 and the 5th…

    • Bentehaarstad, I’ve not covered Fashion as much but i had to this time and i think it turned out fairly ok! I love the first shot too!

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