Photo Of the Day:Charcoal Burning

CLIMATE CHANGE: Women ferry sacks of charcoal to Kotido town for sell. According to the National Forest Authority (NFA), more than 73,000 hectares of private forest are cleared every year across the country and over 7,000ha of protected forest reserves are destroyed annually for timber and charcoal. Without a viable alternative source of energy, it is clear that charcoal and wood fuel will remain the dominant sources of energy for a long haul.

An estimated 95 percent of Ugandans depend on charcoal and wood for cooking. Moreover, Uganda’s rapid population growth, coupled with rapid urbanization, has increased the demand for energy, especially cooking fuel.

18 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day:Charcoal Burning

    • Charcoal is not an export commodity in Uganda. Its consumed locally. About 95% Ugandans use charcoal as a primary source of fuel…

      • Interesting (about it not being an export commodity). That kind of hardwood charcoal (“charwood” as it is referred to in Canada) is considered the only way to BBQ meat, though it is more expensive than what we call “charcoal”. There are entire businesses that make their profit off of selling charwoods from different parts of the world. Being someone who BBQs a lot, I can’t help but notoce the packages of charwood that are imported from a whole host of other countires: many South & Central American countries, from across the USA, and Canada. People buy different types for the unique characteristics that they impart on the food. From an environmental standpoint, there definatley issues to be concerned with. If foresty industries practice regeneration then it is not as much an issue than if they don’t, in which case the environmental degredation can be severe. It is a significant import market in Canada and in the US, and I would bet that it is in parts of Europe as well.

    • Thank you loyce..Am a Kumam though..i would have said, “Apwoyo twatwal”…but am glad you actually know ateso too?

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