You are lightening; Subdued, I moan like thunder….

I attended a poetry recital yesterday, where Ugandan poets were joining their American counterparts in commemorating the last day of the month-long U.S celebration of Black Month History.

Dr. Suzan N. Kiguli recites her poems at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology. She captivated the attendants with her poem "I AM BACK HOME" which talks about cultural shock on returning from the UK

I got particularly interested in two readings. One, a Ugandan love poet from celebrated Ugandan poet, Beverly Nambozo.

And the other, a typical ender to an African political gathering (Conference), composed and read by Prof. Timothy Wangusa. But first, Beverly Nambozo

Gwe Wange (You are Mine)

You pound my buttocks like the engalabi

I slap the walls to your rhythms, sharp, unforgettable

You are lightening.

Subdued, I moan like thunder,

Your sweat, robs me of my sanity

Am in a dream, I shouldn’t wake,

Iam in a nightmare

Ssebo gwe wange

You are rough like a jack fruit,

But inside, ripe and sticky like the yellow seeds

You hold two balls of tropical sunshine over my head, tickling my hair

Am matooke lying over your charcoal stove

Boiling in anguish, bubbling in delight

Ssebo gwe wange

And from Prof. Timothy Wangusa


Consequent upon the Extraordinary Colloquim

Of All-Africa Think Tank of Academic Associations

Concluded this historic day in the city of Abuja

Its hereby recommended and forthwith resolved

That strategic organs of the Think Tank be set up,

Equitably spread across the African Continent

And situated on all principal university campuses

To research and promote the ethos of Africanology

The Amphitheatre of Anti-Governmentology in Algeria

The Bureau of Bankruptciology in Burkina Faso

The Centre of Senselessology in Sierra Leone

The College of Corruptionology in Kenya

The Ethnic-house of Extremisimology in Ethiopia

The Institute of Insolventology in Eritrea

The Library of Liquidationology in Libya

The Mission-Mansion of Misinformationology in Malawi

The Naira-nest of Nepotismology in Nigeria

The Polytechinic of Povertology in Pemba

The School of Sectarianology in Somaliland

The Senior Seminary of Swindology in Senegal

The Synagogue of Scarcitiology in Southern Sudan

The Temporal Temple of Terrorismology in Togo

The University of Ubiquitoniquitology in Uganda

The Zonal Zoo of Zerologicology in Zimbabwe

The director of each designated research organ

Shall be a pre-eminently published intellectual,

Prize-winning analyst and proven ideologist

Of permanent Western World Predatoriology

And Perennial Third World Strangulationology

4 thoughts on “You are lightening; Subdued, I moan like thunder….

  1. Thank you for this article. Kindly note on my poem, Ssebo Gwe Wange, some phrases have been written wrongly. Am is wrong. It is supposed to be I am. Kindly correct that. And first verse line 3 is robs me of and not robs me off. Kindly correct those mistakes. Thanks.
    You captured the poem quite well considering you heard it once from me. I also like your photography on this blog.

    Beverley Nambozo (not Beverly Nambooze)

    • Thank you Berverley…Let me change that immediately! I had heard a lot about you and it was really awesome hearing oyu read what you are good at finally…

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