Happy 2012

2011 was my most successful year not just as a pro photographer but a blogger too. For starters, visits to this blog rose from just under 9.000 in February to about 67.000. Subscribers increased from 116 to 1.170.

Its within last year that i started freelancing for Reuters and IRIN. Two huge placings that opened lots of other doors for me. I registered countless photos of the day in different publications worldwide among others.

But most importantly are the thousands of encouraging comments i got from you my followers.Both positive and negative feedback certainly played a crucial role in building posts that got published here.

For 2012 ? Well, i haven’t stopped dreaming yet so i will be hoping to live those dreams through the lens. Happy 2012 people and i look forward to interacting with you throughout the year. Here are a few shots of my home town, Soroti.I took them on Christmas night.


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