Photo of the Day: Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda is seen during a press briefing at the Commonwealth Resort Hotel Munyonyo on December 12, 2011.

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Paul Kagame

  1. This is a riveting photo.We all cannot claim to know Paul Kagame. He is enigmatic, controversial and yet a visionary for the post-genocide Rwanda. For this reason we can only try to read “who is the man” from his eyes, knitted forehead and hope that Paul the visionary has his sights firmly set.on his goals. The human eye is not so much an organ of sight, as the reflection of the world out there in the mind of man. So many things in Rwanda depend on what he sees, and what he thinks about it and what he will do about it. in this mystery the eyes are the world and the world is the conceptualisation of man. The eyes bridge the world of sensing, the world of perception and the world of actions of men.

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