Kenya Airways Official Statement on Dr. Kizza Besigye

I copied this from the KQ official facebook page about the Kizza Besigye return saga:

Kenya Airways-The Pride of Africa

Kenya Airways-The Pride of Africa. Graphic/Internet

Kenya Airways would like to confirm to its passengers, customers, investors and the public that Ugandan Opposition Leader Dr. Kizza Besigye is now scheduled to depart on KQ414/11th May departing Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for Entebbe International Airport at 1750hrs.

Dr. Besigye was earlier denied boarding on KQ 410/11th May at 0800hrs following information from Kenya Airways internal intelligence sources that the aircraft would not be allowed to land at the Entebbe International Airport if he was on board. Dr. Besigye thus could not board the aircraft as Kenya Airways had to first ascertain this information without inconveniencing the other passengers destined for Entebbe.

The airline has now confirmed and issued Dr. Besigye and his wife tickets to depart Nairobi this the evening. The airline takes earliest opportunity to apologize to Dr. Besigye for any inconveniences caused.

Titus Naikuni

Group Managing Director and CEO

Titus Naikuni -Group Managing Director and CEO

Titus Naikuni -Group Managing Director and CEO. Photo/Internet

Here are some of the comments:

Ignatius Ochanjo You broke the law. Period. You know Besigye is a Ugandan and there is no law either in kenya or international you can cite to support his detention.

Martin Gicheru Ignatius Ochanjo what law would make the Ugangan Govt allow KQ flight to land? Its their country. Am with KQ on this, there isnt much they could do. We both know that Entebbe airport is not private but Govt owned

Cindy Sweet Hw can this prestigious firm tarnish the gd name of Kenya?????, y do u want to put us in Jeopardy with our neighbours? Peace loving Ugandns were waiting for him!!!!!!

Sevy Sev So how do they Land without landing rights..even if he went @ 3am…be realistic…the airline operates in uganda under the Uganda Government LAWS…its not like the boda boda

Bernard Omondi Am with KQ on this one! They are unfortunately caught in the middle of Museveni’s greed and Besigye. Don’t even bother apologizing to Besigye. Your concern is for the passengers and if one passenger causes any concern to the others safety, that 1 must be let go off the plane. KQ – The Pride of Africa!


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