To my blog fans..!!

2010 was  a successful year in terms of photography. I did achieve most of my targets.Thanks to your encouraging comments that pushed me to the limit.

Besigye makes his point in Bombo

Besigye makes his point in Bombo

I made it some of the top newswires in the world. I had photos published in the Daily Telegraph (UK), Wall Street Journal-WSJ (USA), Demotix, Reuters among others. To show for that, i made it to Demotix top pictures of 2010 and also made the top 10 for the 2010 ACP Courier Photo Awards (African-Caribbean-Pacific group of States , exhibited at the Bayimba Kampala 2010 Festival.

In have matured in all aspects after learning vigorously from last year. I hope to be twice as better and twice as committed to fulfill your addiction to my blog.

If you were wondering why the blog had gone silent for the last two weeks, i had been on the campaign trail of Kiiza Besigye in the Karamoja region. In this region, its impossible to have internet connections.

In the coming weeks, i hope to publish a series of pictures that i took over that period. Am still on the road though. So if i am not as regular as before, i hope you should be able to understand me.

Otherwwise, thanks for being there for me through out 2010 and i hope to see more of you in 2011.


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