Picture of the Day (Phat Fest)

The last memorable picture i ever remember taking at Kyadondo Rugby grounds is that of a happy soccer lover watching the World Cup final between Spain and Holland while blowing the Vuvuzela endlessly.

Need i remind you that i was at the same venue watching the same game 25 minutes before the blast. Comparing the pictures before and after the blast was definitely the most painful comparison of the year. To date, i have never gone back to that particular archive.

5 months on, life must continue and last week, i made it to the Kyadondo Rugby Club to cover Power fm’s Phat Fest, an annual Power fm listeners concert. One big big big difference this time was the security checks. First, i was hand-checked thoroughly. Then headed for the first scanner machine. Then the second scanner machine. And now, i could access the venue.

The show went great. The crowd very youthful and danced to the very last string. Photography-wise, you always want such a mindless crowd. You get as many frames as you could possibly imagine. But lighting was a big problem. Those very little but bright (white) lights that directly confronted my lenses.

I managed to get an overly contrasted frame due the yellow lights that had briefly lit among the crowd. But it made an interesting composition never the less as you can see.

..to God be the glory as Kyadondo gets back to life during the Phat Fest concert

..to God be the glory as Kyadondo gets back to life during the Phat Fest concert


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