Picture of the Day: Kampala Skyline

Kampala is a dramatic city. From potholes to rowdy boda boda cyclists but all the same, it remains a beautiful city should you chose to show the positives.

Here for example is a picture I took while covering a super league game at Nakivubo. It was half time and as i sat, waiting for the players to come back on, the sky suddenly opened.

All I had to do was look for a perfect combination of the blue sky with the city’s skyline. And here it is; a stunning Kampala view.

Kampala skyline from downtown

Kampala skyline from downtown


7 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Kampala Skyline

  1. @Tumwijuke, thats Kampala for you. We never really understand this city. I followed the link to the blog and i believe its has something special about it. I hope to learn from it to make mine better…Thanks once again..

  2. I think it should be your eyes “therisingpage” (nice name) but thanks for passing by

    Iwaya, thats Kampala for you. It developes during the nights.

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