Swimming at “zero” shillings

It pays to walk. Walking not just in places you are familiar with but most importantly, those that you are not.


Kid emerges out of water

Kid emerges out of water



Do you see me?

Do you see me?

Call it a blessing or luck; I walked into this “swimming pool” in Kisaasi. A small ditch from which clay was scooped to make bricks. It does not have a caretaker. So you don’t expect regular water treatment with chlorine or anything close, a life saver, life jackets or lower/deep ends.

The water here is coffee brown when settled. Disturbed, it turns to lightish (yellow).Once in; your skin instantly turns pale with visible dirty water drops.


An acrobat dive

An acrobat dive


If you are used to your upscale swimming pool, the sight of kids diving into this “mess” of water almost guarantees a sickness. And how they do it with happier than your regular kid at Didi’s amusement park in Kansanga. To them, this is their second home.


Splitting the water

Splitting the water

After school, they take time off to relax in this pool before going back to do their home work. On this particular day, it was a weekend that meant, a whole days’ swim for the kids. Their parents do not know of this hidden adventure of course.

From backstroke to Breaststroke I saw it all.


9 thoughts on “Swimming at “zero” shillings

  1. Horrified and fascinated at the same time-gripping photos, these! Especially the first one (looking like a scene from The Mummy!) and the last one…how come the kids seemed not to notice you?

  2. The first picture reminds me of the wooden carvings that are ment to depict “African-ness”. Like the black Ivory women and men.

    Very lovely pic Eddie.

  3. @Joe, true, it was a blessing i could say

    @Iwaya, well, at first they were all over me..but i had to relax and stayed a little bit longer..so they got used to me clicking away and they literally enjoyed themselves

    @Miss Cheri, definitely..u might think one was placed right in the middle of water. Thanks. But i think you used to have a blog? what happened to it?

  4. Hi Echwalu, I must say that picture of a child emerging from the muddy water is AMAZING, I initially thought it was a sculpture.

    I really think you should submit it to one of the global photography competitions, it will win prizes….Definitely.

  5. Submit these to a competition. Even health because this is the easiest way these kids can catch diseases. CNN is coming up and I will get you the forms fill them if i have to

  6. @Kabozi, i will surely try send them to any photography opportunities should any open

    @Shifa, Its a deal. We shall walk together, pick those forms and bring Africa on its knees

    @Elvina..If surely you could say of these pictures then i have to rethink entirely on how to market them. Thank you for passing by and appreciating the fruits of your great work you did to mold yours truly..

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