Bayimba International Festival was a success. A few days after the festival, the question on every photographers mind who attended was how to keep the momentum.

Bahai lights up at night. A rare sight, at least of Africa's Bahai

With the company of French Photographer / Videographer, Irene Sinou, we started with a visit to the Bahai Temple.


A few minutes before the sun went down.

Moon lights up

Each continent hosts one Bahai Temple. And so, Uganda now happens to be Africa’s spiritual heart for the Bahai.

Bahai Temple

Jumping over a ditch

Jumping over a ditch

Photography-wise, prior research gave me one result about the Bahai which is located on Kikaya Hill, 7km from the city centre. Entirely every picture is taken during the day.For a change, i thought about talking night ones too.

Bahai's hidden view

Bahai's hidden view

Bahai is calm, green, and peacefully sits on top of Kampala. At the peak, you are served with spectacular hills in excess of five that make up some of Kampala’s residential areas.

Bukoto hill as seen from Bahai

The ground crucks near Bahai

The ground crucks near Bahai

Unfortunately, 5pm is when the serene worship place was closed. With Irene, we camped the nearby areas waiting for the sun to go down.

School girl heads back home

Fetching water

Fetching water

We got amazing pictures of school children returning home.  Farmers clearing their gardens, the moon lighting up East of Kampala and us taking pictures of us..Sick huh?

At the end of it all, we all had to go somewhere....


7 thoughts on “Bahai…Uganda

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  2. @Metaachi, i promise you, i will

    @Tumwijuke, thanx for passing by the festival…though the festival work was not even a third of what i could come up with..i did it in just one nite because i didnt have time

    @Miss Cheri, Yes, thats the point, Bahai Uganda is hardly pictured at night and so i had to make the difference count u know? Thanks for appreciating and most importanly passing by..

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