Blog Returns:NRM starts the yellow painting

The past six months have been very busy for me.

I have had to sweep the photo desk at The Observer, scan through hundreds, perhaps a million photos for my website which I must apologize has not kicked off as of the date I’d set (end of March).

But with the website all but done now, I intend to reactivate my photoblog, but this time with a little twist.

I will be going beyond just the caption and dwell on the “what and whys” of the event including the camera settings.

It’s my belief that the new approach will keep me in tone and challenge myself to keep the blog’s regular visitors updated with a quality product. Well,if you come to think of it, nothing can motivate better than admiring response of your readers.


We start this hopefully exciting sense of direction with a picture I took during the National Resistance Movement (NRM) delegates accreditation exercise on June 25,2010.

In 2010, different political parties have held there delegates conferences. Opposition DP, FDC and UPC are among them. Here, they chose party leaders and possible candidates for the 2011 elections.

Olara Otunu (UPC), Kiiza Besigye (FDC) and Robert Mao (DP): NRM (?) it remains a question to be answered in the coming days. President Museveni still remains the man to beat to the NRM’s 2011 ballot face bearer.

As delegates from all corners of Uganda trickled into Kololo Airstrip on June 25, 2010 to get accredited in order to get access to the delegates conference which starts on June 26,2010, I happened to get a great composition of a boy selling nothing but yellow; NRM’s party colour.

He sold caps, badges, T-shirts bearing President Yoweri Museveni’s pictures a few metres of the accreditation centre. For this, I chose the depth of field on the caps and kept the boy out of focus. As you can see the dominant yellow.


Camera Model: NIKON D300S

Date Taken: 2010:06:25 10:38:47

Exposure Time: 1/999 sec.

ISO Speed Rating: 640

Flash Fired: Flash did not fire.

Metering Mode: Spot

Exposure Program: Normal program

Focal Length: 18.0 mm


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